Investment Partner


Property Development Partnership

Zenith Venture Real Estate Development, a subsidiary of Zenith Group, has proposed an investment partnership operating under a property development model.

Investors can take advantage of becoming property developers in Dubai, guided and supported by the expertise of Zenith’s development management.

Property Development Partnership

Zenith offers five distinct levels of partnership, catering to a diverse range of investment capacities:

Key Info Of Each Partnership

Development Partnership Security ROI Estimated Profit Budget Interactive Authority
Master Maximum High 84%-400% High Maximum Maximum
Venture Middle High 100%-200% Mid-range High High
Pooled Maximum Good 140%-180% Plot value Middle Low
Plot Owner High High 50%-100% 3M AED Middle Middle
Internal Maximum Middle 20%-40% 1.5M AED Low Low
Internal Pre-Regis. Low - Above 1M Poor Poor

Choose the investment partnership platforms that best fits your needs:

Master Partnership

Venture Partnership

Pooled Partnership

Pooled Partnership

Internal Partnership

About Zenith

Established in 2007, Zenith has become a leading Dubai construction company with 12 subsidiaries, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Our unique advantages, including in-house expertise, present a lucrative opportunity for property development partnerships, providing significant returns and reduced investment risks in Dubai’s dynamic real estate market.

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